Structural Openings

Are you in need of structural opening experts for your property refurbishment or extension project? Give us a call at MAH Contracting Services. Whether you need to remove a wall to combine two rooms or create a door to gain access to the newly built home extension, we guarantee safe and fast completion of the project.

Our team of engineers and contractors provide bespoke and flexible service to accommodate different types of requirements and projects. We create a safe and non-destructive opening on the internal and external walls of a building. We perform the removal of walls safely and efficiently and guarantees no damage to the existing property.

Movements on a building structure can affect its safety, stability, and integrity. That is why creating openings in an existing structure or flooring require the involvement of an expert structural engineer. Experts can perform a detailed evaluation of the building’s structural condition and present valuable and practical advice in selecting a location for the opening. Since creating a structural opening involves several masonry works, the engineer and contractors working on the project must have a thorough understanding of the existing building.

Structural Opening Specialists

At MAH Contracting Services, we understand that each building is unique and that a one-size-fits-all approach is not possible when it comes to creating a structural opening. To complete projects successfully, we thoroughly coordinate with our clients and with other parties involved.

With our extensive knowledge and experience in the trade, our team is quick to provide a solution for any challenge we may encounter while working on the project. We use the latest technology and tools in construction and adhere strictly to health and safety standards.  We also help in processing all the necessary documents for the project.

Feel free to get in touch with our team should you need help in creating structural openings for your building. Our specialists will be more than glad to speak to you about it.


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